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Company name: Huizhou Guangda vehicle testing equipment Technology Co., Ltd

Contact person: Mr. Ding

Mobile phone: 18948553138 / 1587527731

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Address: No.81, Changzhong 2nd Road, BOLUO Futian, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

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Huizhou Guangda vehicle testing equipment Technology Co., Ltd It is the overall solution provider of domestic vehicle testing industry. Based on the automotive aftermarket, Guangda is facing intelligent transportation. Through the re interpretation of mechatronics, Internet and multimedia technology, Guangda uses new technologies such as "Internet of things" and "cloud computing" to provide vehicle detection business solutions to vehicle inspection institutions, industry supervision solutions to government industry management departments, and intelligent maintenance industry services to maintenance industry Service and management solutions lay a solid foundation for the realization of intelligent transportation and green transportation.

Based on the deep understanding and experience of the motor vehicle testing industry, according to the characteristics and needs of each customer, Guangda has developed a complete station control scheme, a mature database system and an intelligent management system including automatic login, intelligent scheduling, load control, site management and other functions, which greatly improves the intelligent degree of the vehicle detection system. At the same time, according to the management needs of the industry authorities, Guangda has developed an online supervision system to realize the remote supervision of inspection institutions and maintenance enterprises, ensure the fairness and fairness of the inspection and maintenance process, and provide reliable means and basis for the scientific management of in use motor vehicles.
Guangda provides users with continuous technical support and services through perfect service system, professional service personnel and service network covering the whole country, so as to ensure the investment value and return of users. We believe that serving users is the value of our survival, and the needs of users are the source of our progress. Success comes from quality service and word-of-mouth comes from user experience. Professional team, reliable products, thoughtful service and innovative culture are the core values of Guangda based on the industry and serving users.

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