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  Vehicle safety performance test

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  • Automatic inspection and management system for motor vehicles
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  • Automatic emission detection system based on working condition method
  • Detection line equipment of 4S station
Vehicle testing equipment

The safety, power, environmental protection, economy, reliability, operability and driving stability test of automobile are used in automobile

A technique used to test and inspect the technical condition of a car in maintenance and repair.

Secondary maintenance and inspection of operating vehicles

In addition to the level maintenance, check and adjust the steering knuckle, steering rocker arm, brake shoe, suspension and other safety components which are easy to wear or deform. The main and secondary inspection tire is used for tire transposition inspection, and the engine working condition is adjusted, and the exhaust pollution control device is also used

Rating and testing of operating vehicles

Main evaluation of bus: bus structure and chassis configuration: power performance; safety; comfort and service facilities.

Motorcycle safety performance test

Safety technical inspection shall be carried out for motor vehicles driving on the road after registration; for motor vehicles conforming to the national safety and technical standards for motor vehicles, the inspection qualification marks shall be issued at the inspection field of motor vehicles

Testing equipment
"Three in one" testing equipment for motor vehicles

Carry out "safety performance test", "environmental protection test" and "comprehensive performance test" for vehicles, which is referred to as "three inspection in one". The company's independent research and development of "motor vehicle three in one automatic detection system" software, with a motor vehicle on the detection line, all items can be detected, efficient service for owners.

Automobile comprehensive performance test

The comprehensive performance test of automobile includes safety, reliability, power performance, economy, noise and exhaust emission.

Automobile environmental protection inspection

Exhaust gas detection Co, ch + NOx indicators. Vehicles to do environmental testing, need to bring "driving license", "motor vehicle registration certificate", owner "ID card" original

Vehicle safety testing

Automobile safety is generally divided into active safety, passive safety, post accident safety and ecological safety.


Rich experience

The company carries out the development, production and sales of motor vehicle testing equipment, Have rich experience and professional knowledge of testing industry

Leading technology

The company's independent development of motor vehicle testing station three in one automatic detection management system software, with independent intellectual property rights, strong technical force

High quality after sale

Our company staff with a warm working attitude, professional after-sales personnel to provide customers with efficient service

High cost performance

The company's product price is reasonable, for the motor vehicle testing station to provide first-class quality products

  Vehicle safety performance test


About us

Huizhou Guangda vehicle testing equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial company integrating the research and development of detection control management system and the production of vehicle detection equipment. It has the ability to independently undertake the construction of motor vehicle comprehensive performance testing station, safety performance testing station and various fully automatic vehicle testing lines of automobile manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, automobile maintenance, automobile sales and other enterprises. The products are distributed in more than ten provinces and cities (autonomous regions) and exported to some countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. With strong technical force and advanced hardware facilities, the company can independently complete the production of testing equipment, software development and system networking projects. It is a professional enterprise with R & D strength in the domestic motor vehicle testing industry. The company's main products are divided into four categories: first, automobile and motorcycle mixed safety performance testing line, automobile and motorcycle mixed comprehensive performance testing line, automobile comprehensive performance testing line, safety performance and environmental protection testing line, whole model motorcycle testing line

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