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Four processes of vehicle annual inspection

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Four processes of vehicle annual inspection

Date of issue: 2019-11-22 13:35:08 Author: admin Click: one hundred and fifty-two

Step 1: check the condition of motor vehicles in advance
Before the annual inspection, the vehicle owner should go to the traffic patrol platform to ask if the vehicle has any unsolved illegal acts. If there is any illegal act that has not been dealt with, it shall be dealt with in time.
Step 2: prepare relevant procedures
Before the annual inspection, the owner of a motor vehicle shall prepare documents such as ID card, motor vehicle driver's license, vehicle registration certificate, compulsory liability insurance for motor vehicle traffic accidents, etc.
Step 3: testing company testing vehicles.
First, the external inspector carries out the visual inspection and the inspector's online inspection. Then, Cangzhou traffic police remote inspection system will check whether they pass the inspection. Normally, it takes about 40 minutes per car.
Step 4: receiving inspection marks
For vehicles passing through the remote vehicle inspection system, the vehicle management office of the traffic police will print and issue "vehicle inspection pass mark" to the vehicle owners.


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