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Precautions for vehicle inspection

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Precautions for vehicle inspection

Date of issue: 2019-11-22 13:37:28 Author: admin Click: one hundred and fifty-two

When the service life of the vehicle exceeds 6 years, the annual inspection time will be changed to one year. When the vehicle has been used for more than 15 years, the annual inspection time will be shortened to half a year!
Generally speaking, it is recommended that car owners go to the vehicle management office for annual inspection three months in advance. If it fails to participate in the annual inspection within the time limit, the vehicle shall not be allowed to drive on the road according to law. If the vehicle is directly on the road without annual inspection, once it is found by the traffic police, it will be fined 3 points and 200 yuan! Car owners are often reminded that it is best to go to the DMV three months in advance to participate in the annual inspection. If the annual inspection is not carried out during the annual inspection, the vehicle will not be able to go on the road normally, because once the traffic police find the road, the owner will be fined 200 yuan and 3 points will be deducted.   
From January 1, 2018, in addition to the triangle warning box, the annual inspection will also check the reflective vest, the quantity is 1 piece, because this is required by the new standard. At the same time, the power windows shall have anti pinch function, including power windows. All buses and special school buses usually have to use horns when locking. When children are left in the car, they can tell the outside world by honking their horns.   
The vehicle inspection date is the month in which the vehicle was registered. In addition, if the time is not convenient, the vehicle can be inspected three months in advance (for example, if the vehicle inspection month is June, the vehicle can be inspected in April, may and June). The early vehicle inspection will not affect the next vehicle inspection time. Given the habits of most people, congestion usually occurs at the end of the month, so it is recommended that everyone be prepared in advance at the beginning of the month.    


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