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What are the consequences of adding too much oil to the car during maintenance

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What are the consequences of adding too much oil to the car during maintenance

Date of issue: 2019-11-16 16:27:11 Author: admin Click: one hundred and fifty-two

This time, I went to the car dealer for repairs. I used the oil I had with me. As a result, it was found that the oil was a large block higher than the upper limit of the pressure gauge. Is the problem serious?

As we all know, oil is very important to the movement of engine, because it has the function of lubrication and heat dissipation.  

Therefore, at any time, for the engine, there is no shortage of oil. However, the consequences of over addition (exceeding the upper scale limit) are very bad.

Too much oil will increase the rotational resistance of the crankshaft and reduce the output power of the engine. In addition, these excess oil will enter the combustion chamber to participate in combustion, resulting in the vehicle burning oil, emitting blue smoke, and even increasing fuel consumption.

The residue after oil combustion (which is mainly composed of carbon and is very hard) will accumulate on the wall of the combustion chamber, reducing the space of the combustion chamber and thus reducing the compression ratio of the engine. At the same time, it will accelerate the cylinder and piston wear, thus reducing the service life of the vehicle.  

When adding lubricating oil, be sure to keep it slightly lower than the scale on the dipstick Of course, when it comes to adding engine oil, you may need to know many factors, such as oil model, season, climate, engine displacement, technical performance, etc., so you'd better choose a professional automobile maintenance center, carefully judge your vehicle, select the most appropriate product, and carefully operate the maintenance process, so as to prevent hidden dangers and disasters caused by your lack of automobile maintenance knowledge hard.  

Generally speaking, the garage doesn't add more maintenance oil (cost control), but if you bring your own oil, the garage won't care too much. But in fact, adding more oil is a misoperation.    


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