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Notice of detection line circuit system

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Notice of detection line circuit system

Date of issue: 2019-07-26 16:13:09 Author: admin Click: one hundred and fifty-two

Notice of detection line circuit system

 Notice of detection line circuit system

Usually, if there is a problem in the operation of the equipment, the detection line will be used to check whether there is a problem in the internal circuit system of the equipment, but the circuit system is relatively complex, so once the operation is improper, it may directly lead to equipment damage. So:

1. It is forbidden for non professionals to overhaul the circuit part of the detection line. Do not touch any electrode of the power battery by hand.
2. The battery charger is specially equipped. If the charger of other brands is replaced, the power battery pack may be damaged.

3. When repairing the circuit, if it is not necessary to use the power supply of the power battery pack, please turn off the power-off switch.

4. It is strictly forbidden to carry out any modification or install any equipment without authorization.
5. There is high voltage inside the charger and power motor controller of the detection line, so it is forbidden to disassemble them for maintenance without permission.

6. When repairing the circuit part, if it is necessary to disconnect or connect the electrical connector, it is necessary to ensure that the power is turned off, otherwise the electronic components of the electronic control part will be damaged.

Monitoring system internal detection line circuit is important to ensure the safety of monitoring personnel, so in the detection must first cut off all power supply equipment and ensure that the use of professional tools to detect and repair the circuit, so as to ensure that the safety of the premise to find out the circuit problem.


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