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What is the motor vehicle testing agency system?

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What is the motor vehicle testing agency system?

Date of issue: 2019-06-11 14:29:34 Author: admin Click: one hundred and fifty-two

Motor vehicle inspection organization system What is it?

In China, there are hundreds of millions of motor vehicles driving on the road every day, and the safety of motor vehicles is highly concerned by all walks of life. Therefore, motor vehicle safety inspection plays an important role in social security. Huizhou Guangda motor vehicle testing center for your Safety makes a contribution.

"Traffic safety law" stipulates: "for registered motor vehicles on the road, according to the provisions of laws and administrative regulations, according to the purpose of the vehicle, the number of passengers and goods, service life and other different conditions, safety technical inspection shall be carried out regularly. For those who provide motor vehicle driving license and motor vehicle third party liability compulsory insurance policy, the motor vehicle safety technical inspection institution shall inspect them, and no unit shall attach any other conditions. If a qualified motor vehicle safety sign is issued by the public security department, it shall comply with the traffic safety standards. "

Huizhou Guangda motor vehicle testing center is a professional industrial company for automobile testing, parts testing and motorcycle testing. The company has strong technical force and advanced hardware facilities. It can independently complete the production of testing equipment, software development and system networking projects. It is a professional enterprise with strong scientific and technological strength in the domestic motor vehicle testing industry. Guangda motor vehicle testing center We will thoroughly implement the relevant national laws and regulations, and deeply cultivate the vehicle detection technology, Grasp the development trend of motor vehicle testing industry in real time, We independently developed a complete vehicle safety performance detection system, and realized intelligent and automatic detection,
The system is stable Easy to operate The detection speed is fast and the management is convenient.

The system consists of four parts: login management system, master control and work station system, management system and video monitoring system, which fully meets the business requirements of the detection station. The software and hardware are independent R & D support of Shenbang intelligent, with independent intellectual property rights, and can realize seamless connection with the current national unified platform supervision system (i.e. vehicle management network system). In addition, the powerful expansion interface of software can be completed in the shortest time, whether it is expansion or standard upgrading in the future, so as to ensure customer operation.

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