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Interference of vehicle detection equipment? Detection line to deal with violations?

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Interference of vehicle detection equipment? Detection line to deal with violations?

Date of issue: 2019-06-11 14:48:42 Author: admin Click: one hundred and fifty-two

      Vehicle testing equipment Disturbed? Detection line to deal with violations?

The interference signal of automobile detection equipment mainly includes electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibration interference. How to solve the anti-interference signal is the key problem to improve. Usually, the pedal force meter is made of metal shell, which has good shielding effect and can effectively prevent the interference of electric field and radio frequency. The interference of magnetic field can be solved by replacing non-magnetic components and reasonable wiring of printed circuit board in internal circuit design. However, with the development and improvement of electronic technology, anti electromagnetic interference is mainly anti ground current interference.

In order to prevent the automobile detection equipment from being affected by the interference, the optical isolation current limiting method can be used in the circuit to resist the interference. This method can also effectively solve the interference of ground current.

With the growth of living standards, more and more vehicles begin to appear on the highway, which also leads to more and more violations. Because the automobile detection line can usually handle and check the problems that may exist in the locomotive, some of them also choose to go to the detection line to deal with violations.

In many places, the vehicle inspection station can not deal with the violation of regulations, and it needs to go to the traffic control department to deal with the violation. Vehicles can only be tested under normal conditions, and all vehicle detection lines are equipped with illegal processing windows. Vehicle violations need to be dealt with in time rather than waiting for vehicle detection, and not all illegal information can be processed in the detection station. Therefore, it is suggested that we should handle the detection in the normal state of the vehicle (that is, after processing the illegal information).

Generally speaking, if an individual runs a motor vehicle testing station, it should apply to the quality supervision department of the local management and testing station qualification. Because the motor vehicle testing stations are planned, the number of inspection stations will not be expanded arbitrarily and unlimited. If the number of inspection stations in the city has met the requirements of vehicle testing in the city, it will not be approved.

We have special provisions and inspection institutions to deal with vehicle violations, so once a problem occurs, we should go to the local relevant departments to consult and solve the problem in advance, rather than go to the vehicle detection line to deal with it, so as to better solve the problem.


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