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Chassis dynamometer for light vehicle emission test

Chassis dynamometer for light vehicle emission test

  • Classification: operating mode emission testing equipment

  • Date of issue: 2019-05-07 13:45:04
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Detailed introduction

1. The products meet the national standards GB 18285-2005 "emission limits and measurement methods of exhaust pollutants from vehicles with positive ignition engines", and GB 3847-2005 "vehicles" Limits and measurement methods for exhaust smoke emission of vehicles with compression ignition engines and compression ignition engines.

2. The products meet the requirements of HJ / T 290-2006 "technical requirements for exhaust pollutants measurement equipment of gasoline vehicles under simple transient working conditions" issued by Ministry of environmental protection, and HJ / T 291-2006 "gasoline" Technical requirements for exhaust emission measurement equipment under vehicle steady-state working condition, HJ / T 292-2006 technical requirements for exhaust smoke measurement equipment under loading and deceleration conditions for diesel vehicles Technical requirements for measuring equipment for exhaust pollutants of spark ignition engine vehicles under transient working conditions (HJ / T 396-2007).

3. The core part is the special eddy current machine (rotary cylinder type) for emission test. It has compact structure, large inertia and light weight. There is no need to match the flywheel. It has small wind resistance, low loss and small air bag lifting The unique brake lifting device ensures the reliable braking of the drum.

4. The roller is directly connected with the air-cooled eddy current dynamometer, with high transmission efficiency. The product structure has been applied for patent.

5. The roller adopts unique surface composite strengthening treatment, which is the first in the industry to ensure that the drum surface will not be worn or rusted during the service life of the equipment.

6. The integral frame with box structure welded by channel steel has good strength. Quick installation device with side bolts and independent intellectual property rights of the company The installation is convenient and quick, and the test run can be carried out without waiting after installation.
 Chassis dynamometer for light vehicle emission test
 Chassis dynamometer for light vehicle emission test


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