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Automobile chassis dynamometer

Automobile chassis dynamometer

  • Classification: operating mode emission testing equipment

  • Date of issue: 2019-05-07 13:45:12
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Detailed introduction

1. The product is designed, manufactured and inspected according to the standard JT / t445-2008 automobile chassis dynamometer issued by the Ministry of communications of the people's Republic of China.
2. Meet the requirements of GB / T 18276-2000 vehicle dynamic performance bench test method and evaluation index.
3. Meet the requirements of GB 18565-2016 comprehensive performance requirements and inspection methods for road transport vehicles.
4. The core component is a high performance and high reliability rotating cylinder eddy current dynamometer.
5. Large diameter drum design, drum diameter is dcg-10xj (Φ 320 mm), dcg-13lx / 26lx (Φ 373 mm).
6. Small air bag lifting, maintenance free, reliable operation, and its service life is 100000 times.
7. It is directly connected with air-cooled eddy current dynamometer with high transmission efficiency.
8. It is equipped with a calibration motor for the system loss test of dynamometer.
9. The integral frame with box structure welded by channel steel has good strength. Quick installation device with side bolts and independent intellectual property rights of the company The installation is convenient and quick, and the test run can be carried out without waiting after installation.


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