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Gddcg-13t heavy duty diesel vehicle chassis dynamometer

Gddcg-13t heavy duty diesel vehicle chassis dynamometer

  • Classification: operating mode emission testing equipment

  • Date of issue: 2019-05-07 13:45:19
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Detailed introduction

Application and scope of application
The gddcg-13t chassis dynamometer (hereinafter referred to as dynamometer) is used to simulate the working conditions of vehicle exhaust gas detection under working conditions. It is widely used in environmental protection testing / monitoring departments, vehicle management departments, automobile manufacturers and automobile maintenance plants.
The gddcg-13t dynamometer is used for double rear axle diesel vehicles with the maximum axle load mass less than 13000 kg. The exhaust smoke is tested by the loading deceleration condition method.
main features
The products meet the national standard GB 3847-2005 limits and measurement methods of exhaust smoke emission from compression ignition engines and compression ignition engines for vehicles.
The products meet the requirements of HJ / T 292-2006 "technical requirements for exhaust smoke measurement equipment of diesel vehicles under loading and deceleration conditions".
With centrifugal fan, forced cooling of eddy current machine.   

The internal resistance and parasitic power of dynamometer are small.

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