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Roller type automobile speedometer test bench

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Roller type automobile speedometer test bench

  • Classification: motor vehicle testing equipment

  • Date of issue: 2019-04-29 08:41:12
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Detailed introduction

1. The speed table is designed, manufactured and inspected according to GB / T 13563-2007 "roller type vehicle speedometer test bench".   

2. Precision machining roller, after dynamic balance. The unique composite strengthening treatment is adopted on the surface, which is the first in the industry to ensure the service life of the equipment, The surface of drum is not worn and rusted. High precision roller bearing plate processing technology, Ensure the installation accuracy of the drum, the roller resistance is small, and the bearing life is long. Airbag lifting device, long service life.

3. High precision non-contact magnetoelectric or photoelectric speed sensor. It has high detection accuracy, good repeatability of test data, and stable long-term operation quality, The test accuracy can be maintained well. The overall structure of the box is welded. With side top bolt, Quick installation device with independent intellectual property rights of the company It is convenient to install and can be installed without waiting.


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