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Automobile side slip test bench

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Automobile side slip test bench

  • Classification: motor vehicle testing equipment

  • Date of issue: 2019-05-07 13:50:18
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Detailed introduction

1. Double plate linkage type side sliding table, mature technology, advanced manufacturing technology, many years of mass production, stable quality.
2. The products sell well at home and abroad, and can work reliably and stably for a long time. When the vehicle with dual steering axle is detected, after the front steering wheel is turned on,
3. The pneumatic high-precision quick return locking device is used to make the slide plate return to the position, and the rear steering wheel is detected. The frame is an integral box structure welded by 18 channel steel,
4. High strength, small height and size. With 300 mm relaxation plate, in accordance with gb21861-2014 "motor vehicle safety technical inspection items and methods"
5. And GB 18565-2016 comprehensive performance requirements and inspection methods for road transport vehicles.
6. The product is designed, manufactured and inspected according to the standard JT / t507-2004 "automobile sideslip test bench" issued by the Ministry of communications of the people's Republic of China.
7. It has a series of characteristics such as simple structure, convenient operation, reliable operation and good anti-interference performance.

  1.  Automobile side slip test bench
 Automobile side slip test bench


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