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Automobile brake (wheel weight) test bench

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Automobile brake (wheel weight) test bench

  • Classification: motor vehicle testing equipment

  • Date of issue: 2019-05-07 13:49:00
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Detailed introduction

1.10t and 15t adopt lengthened drum (1150 mm) and large European sand sticking drum (φ 245), which meet the requirements of GB / t13564-2005.
2. The new special material bonded sand roller has high adhesion coefficient and effective service life up to 200000 times.  
3. New type of third drum stop control device. The third drum is arranged on the side of the main drum and moves vertically up and down. Entry and
4. During the test, the movement range of the third roller is small, and the speed sensor is not easy to be damaged and invalid. In addition, it solves the problem that the wheel is separated from the third drum due to the vehicle's rear climbing during braking, The problem of speed measurement is not possible.
5. High precision roller bearing plate processing technology ensures the installation accuracy of the drum. The worm gear is enveloped by torus /Spiral bevel gear reducer has strong bearing capacity and high transmission efficiency.
6. The measuring arm is directly installed on the reducer box, with high connection strength and reliable operation.
7. Brake force calibration device with independent intellectual property rights of the company.
8. The integral frame with box structure welded by channel steel has good strength. Quick installation device with side bolts and independent intellectual property rights of the company The installation is convenient and quick, and the test run can be carried out without waiting after installation.


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